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Additional Erasmus+ scholarships available!

Financed by the EU Instruments for External Action, more than 300 additional scholarships valued at EUR 49,000 have been made available for excellent students coming from countries in Asia, Central Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Northern Africa, Eastern Europe and South Africa (see full list of countries here).

In the JEMES CiSu programme, we have previously had the pleasure of having students from a wide variety of countries and cultures enrolled, and we would of course like to continue this trend and at the same time be able to provide funding through the available scholarships. While we of course encourage all students regardless of country of origin, race or gender to apply, we would like with this call to give special emphasis on the opportunities for excellent students coming from the mentioned regions and countries.

The application process is the same as for the Erasmus Mundus scholarships with the same deadline.

We look forward to seeing your applications and to hopefully be able to welcome you to our programme.