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English language requirements

Applicants must demonstrate an appropriate level of competence in the English language through a standardized test. Proof of English language proficiency has to be provided by each student, except when English is his or her native language or if his or hers first degree has been undertaken in English (see more information below).

Minimum test scores required by JEMES CiSu:

Test Type

Minimum Score Required

TOEFL (Internet-based, iBT)

80 [1]

TOEFL (computer-based, CBT)


TOEFL (paper-based, PBT)


International English Language Test (IELTS)

6.5 [2]

Cambridge Proficiency Examination (CPE)


Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)


First Certificate in English (FCE)

Grade B or C

[1] Minimum score of 20 in each test element.

[2] Minimum score of 5.5 in each element.

Please note that the you are to upload the test electronically – please do not send the test physically to Aalborg University.

JEMES CiSu only accept tests carried out by official test centres – the programme does not accept tests that are administered by institutions and are for internal use only. The test has to be less than two years old by the time of application, otherwise it cannot be accepted.


You do not have to submit an official English test if one of the following criteria applies to you:

  1. Are a native English speaker from Australia, the UK, Ireland, USA, New Zealand, South Africa, or Canada.
  2. Have a complete Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree taught exclusively in English from Australia, the UK, Ireland, USA, New Zealand, South Africa or Canada. Students with degrees from all other countries are still required to submit an English test even if the previous degree has been taught exclusively in English.

In case b.: Please note that even though you are exempted from taking the test, you can increase your assessment score by submitting an English test showing your high level of English competency.

The JEMES CiSu consortium accepts applications from applicants, who have not yet taken an English test. However, you cannot be fully admitted until you have uploaded the required English test, so we urge you to do this as soon as possible. Please note that the English test score is an important part of the assessment, so your ranking will be influenced by this. If the original has not reached you yet, a copy of the electronic results will suffice until you receive the original.

The JEMES CiSu consortium reserves the right to request evidence of English language proficiency.


JEMES CiSu accepts applications from applicants who have not yet taken an English test. However, you must include documentation that you have signed up to take an English test.

If you are applying for a scholarship and do not include an official English test in your documents before the 3 January 2016 deadline, we can only give you the lowest grade in the assessment regarding language. This will affect your overall score and your chances of getting a scholarship.

You cannot be fully admitted to the programme until you have forwarded the required English test. If you are accepted based on your application, you will be conditionally admitted. Please note that as conditionally admitted, you cannot apply for a residence permit or attend classes.

The following deadlines apply for English tests:

For non-EU applicants: 15 May
For EU applicants: 1 July

The different deadlines is to make time for visa application for non-EU applicants.