Blue Flower

Selection criteria

Admission to the programme is highly competitive. Selection will be made by a selection committee on the basis of the documents of application. Important criteria are:

  • Academic background
  • Final mark of your first degree or Master’s degree
  • English proficiency (we kindly urge you to take your test in due time and send it with your application before deadline)
  • Professional experience and/or experience in research activities within the field of sustainability
  • Motivation of the candidate

Academic assessment will be done by experts from the field, on defined criteria and under exclusion of any conflict of interests.

The assessment will be carried out in two steps:

  1. a pre-assessment in which applications are evaluated on four criteria, including basics of natural science (cf. admission requirements), and
  2. a full assessment, including three additional criteria, of all applicants having obtained a certain minimum score in the 1st step.

After evaluating all incoming applications that are formally eligible, the assessment committee will come to a final decision and propose this to the European Commission for ultimate approval.