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Submission of application

The submission of the application for the JEMES CiSu programme ONLY takes place online. Please note that the deadlines are the final dates and that the JEMES CiSu programme committee cannot accept applications after these dates. 

Application procedure

Apply online through STADS-DANS (Alborg University´s application system):[1]

Below you will find the list of the documents that you will need in order to apply for JEMES CiSu. The documents are to be uploaded as SEPARATE PDF-FILES under the point Requirements and Prerequisites as follows:

Please upload the below document
under the point “Admission basis - Completed Academic degrees / In-progress academic degrees” in the online application system (in the dialog box called "Upload to higher education", please write your university, name of your study programme and graduation date/expected graduation date):

1. JEMES CiSu programme application form (can be found here)

Please upload the below documents under the question “Specific Admission Requirements” in the online application system:

2. Programme questionnaire / essay on your ideas and visions in the field of environmental studies (page 5 of the JEMES CiSu programme application form (see point 1 above) – can also be uploaded as part of the application form under point 1)

3. Curriculum vitae / résumé (no format requirements

4. Officially authenticated copy[2] of bachelor’s degree certificate or equivalent including your aggregate mark or grade average and your overall rank in class, with explanation of grading system (maximum grade, minimum passing grade, etc.)

5. Officially authenticated copy of complete university transcript of records (semester mark sheets) listing your subjects and grades.

6. Two letters of recommendation must be submitted from faculty members acquainted with the applicant's work in the major area of undergraduate study. If that work occurred some time ago, recommendations from those familiar with the applicant's professional performance are acceptable as well.

Please upload the below document under the question “English Language Skills” in the online application system:

7. If not native English speaker: valid proof of English language proficiency is required (please consult programme guidelines)[3]

Please upload the below document under the question “Copy of passport or national ID card” in the online application system:

8. Copy of passport or ID card (only EU citizens)


[1] Find STADS-DANS help-guide here. If you have questions regarding login or the application procedure, please start by reading the instructions before contacting STADS-DANS support by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

[2] An official authenticated copy of your documents could be obtained from the competent authorities in the country where the degree has been issued. Contact details can be found on the following link: For those countries not included on the list, the candidate is advised to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in some cases the Ministry of Justice, in the country of issue. Do not send original documents as the university cannot be responsible for these.

[3] Countries where English is considered the native language: Australia, the UK, Ireland, USA, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada. All other applicants must provide an official English test (“English as a medium of instruction” documents do not suffice, nor do we accept institutional tests). Please also note that the Consortium requires students to have English proficiency corresponding to at least B2 based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The test must be less than two years old to be accepted..Further information is available here. Since the English proficiency is part of the selection criteria and affects your overall assessment, we kindly urge you to take your test in due time and send it with your application before deadline. Please note that the you are to upload the test electronically – please do not send the test physically to Aalborg University. 

General remarks related to the submission of the application

  • Non-EU applicants to the CiSu programme are exempt from paying the standard application fee.
  • Please note that incomplete applications and applications containing documents that have not been properly authenticated cannot be considered.
  • Applications submitted through mediators like educational consultants or agencies will not be accepted.
  • Academic assessment is done by experts from the field, on defined criteria and under exclusion of any conflict of interests. After having evaluated all incoming applications that were formally eligible, the Assessment Committee will come to a definite decision.
  • The 2nd year choice is not guaranteed upon admittance to the programme, but the final decision is taken no later than mid-March of the year of admission.