Blue Flower


Students may start their studies at either Aalborg University or Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and end their studies at any of the four participating universities. Students must, however, spend their second semester at either Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg or Universidade de Aveiro. Furthermore, they will have the option to study half a semester (15 ECTS) at one of our Associate Partners.

Mobility plan


  • If you are a citizen in or have finished your last degree in one of the four countries of the consortium, please note that you are not allowed to spend more than 12 months in that country. This for an example means that if you come from Germany, you cannot spend your third and fourth semester at TUHH, if you have done your second semester there.
  • Students from either Denmark or Spain may not start in their own country, but will have to go abroad for the first semester.
  • The mobility outside Europe on the third semester is mandatory for all students except for 3rd country students with a scholarship. If you are a 3rd country student, you must do this mobility in a country different from your country of origin.
  • It is mandatory for all students to attend the meetings of the programme. Fall meetings will be held right after semester start in either Barcelona or Aalborg. Spring meetings will be held around April in either Aveiro or Hamburg.
  • All students are required to take at least foreign languange course (besides their native language and English) during their JEMES CiSu studies (the consortium universities offer courses in the language of the specific country for free - additional ECTS).