Blue Flower


The first semester (at AAU or UAB) focuses on providing students a strong and comprehensive foundation in understanding the complexities of urban development, globalization, sustainability and quality of life. The aim for the semester is preparation of suggestions to environmental and sustainability management improvements in the city context.

The second semester (at TUHH or UA) offers a comprehensive focus on risk assessment and engineering solutions to various environmental, social, economic and political problem areas that cities exhibit, e.g. integrated waste management, air and water pollution, energy consumption. The aim of the semester is preparation of suggestions for technical improvements and development to solve complex problems associated with urban development and sustainability. 

The third semester (third country + one of the European universities) has a strong focus on project work and gaining practical experience. It is dedicated to professional development and the semester will enable students to appreciate theoretical reflective work practice and challenges and to demonstrate proficiency in innovation and integration processes as well as management and implementation of technological and organisational change projects. The aim of the semester is to:

  1. Design and execute an individual project study within the topics of the programme 
  2. Gain practical experience within the subject field 
  3. Analyse and reflect on educational experiences and professional practice 
  4. Clarify the Master's Thesis topic. 

It is the intention that the mobility to a third country and the work there is combined with comparative work in one of the European cities participating in the Master's course. This is supported by one of the four European university partners through additional course modules, or supervision of the students' project work.

During the fourth semester (same European university as the third semester), the Master's Thesis is completed. In some cases and depending on the university, the Thesis may be combined with the third semester in an extended Thesis. The Master's Thesis is co-supervised by at least 2 partner universities.